All animals make noises

I haven't been as faithful in posting as I thought I would be, or as I said that I would, but I have just been so darn busy (lazy).
Well anyway, better late than never, eh?

In the past three weeks, here is what I haven't posted about:

My beautiful, beautiful friend Chloe had her engagement party and even though it broke my heart (she knows why) (I'm in love with her fiance) I flew back to Brisbane to wish them the best of luck and to celebrate their 'love'.
In the next few weeks I will be putting some of my jewels on the internet for people to buy, so keep and eye out for that.
Ollie and I went to Frankston for the afternoon, which is a beach about an hour outside of Melbourne.
And that's about all that's happened over the past two weeks in my thrilling life.

Tomorrow we fly up to Brisbane again to go to Byron Bay with Ollie's family. 
I am so excited about this, because, as much as many don't agree with me, I love Byron.  It's somewhere we went and still go, constantly on family holidays ever since I was just a wee little thing.
I remember my Mum buying a pair of flares that were bright green and blue at one of the stores there, before it became tres chic.
I also, as said in my last post, lived for a bit outside of Byron with Seb and many other wonderful creatures.
Anyway, I love Byron and I'm excited and I feel like today has been torturing me by going as slow as it can.

Then after that, we spend 4 nights in Brisbane before coming back home to work over the weekend and then we move!

I don't really have anything else to say, so here are some pictures.

(here's a sneaky-peak)


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