A final fairwell

Hi again friends,

Scrap that former post.
I decided that I will no longer be posting on this blog.

The reason being, that the main time I was posting, back in 10/11, that was and still is a pretty sacred time for me.
I don't want to taint the internet remains of that time with the useless drivel that I have to talk about now.

If you want me, you can find me other here - www.chuckandthefern.blogspot.com

Original hey?

I was going to go with Chuck in the Ground, and then I thought that sounded a bit to steady and depressing. Like it was one step away from Chuck in the Grave. I have a fern beside my bed. And I didn't want to stray too far from the whole tree scene.

Anyway, hopefully you will still be my friend on a different page.

It's been a good 5 years since I started posting.
I appreciate everyone who has bothered to follow me, and even the strangers that have left comments telling me that I'm a sicko on my posts (THAT WERE JOKES) about killing bunnies,  telling me I should see a dentist or expressing their confusion or medical opinion on my post title 'my mouth is numb but my teeth hurt' which was merely just me expressing whatever I was expressing, it was not a literal statement.
It's been a good 5 years. And this blog, for at least 10/11 was a huge part of that.
More than anything, if this blog never existed I wouldn't have met one of my favourite people.

So, I will leave it, untainted with my new opinions, but swimming with the memories of old ones.


Remember the Tale of Stephen Townsend?

Hi Friends,

So it's been a while huh?
You're probably thinking 'why must you toy with my heart, I was an avid follower, I did nothing wrong and then you just deserted me.  Why after 2 long years do you decide to come back again?'

Well, those 2 long years feel like 2 short days for me and as for the coming back, I definitely can't commit to that. I was just reading some old posts as I am thinking of writing a book, probably only for myself, full of witty comments and narrations of my life and I got all nostalgic and such.

I felt I couldn't take a visit without saying hello.

So what's been going on?
Me? Oh how kind of you to ask.
I'm doing pretty good. I'm in Melbourne, it's been probably the worst year I have ever experienced but things can only get better. Right? RIGHT?

Anyway, here is 10 things that are new with me:

1. I live in Melbourne now
2. I'm back in school studying silversmithing
3. I had a banana and chocolate smoothy for dinner
4. My hair is pretty long now
5. My Brother got married
6. I bought a desk last week
7. I lied before, I had popcorn for dinner
8. So how's this, last year I found out I have a semi-potentially-life-threatening-stomach-issue, probably brought on from a years worth of eating only smarties.
9. I'm learning to play the banjo
10. I'm still grooving along to the sweet sweet tunes of Adam Green. He even brought out a new album, kind of

So that's about it.
Sure there have been more interesting things along the way.
Maybe there haven't been, I don't know. 
It feels like just yesterday that I was sitting on those Fisher St steps with Tarryn drinking beer and smoking cigarettes, talking nonsense about the world.
It feels like yesterday but I bloody wish it was today.

I'm one of those people that surely never appreciates things until I'm looking back reminiscing. 
I think the medical term for that is 'whiny little brat'.

Anyway, like I said, I can't promise anything, but maybe this year, going back to school and all I will actually have some interesting things that might be worth while writing about (probably not).

Here's a flashback:

Here's new Adam Green: