The reason for my lack of promised posting is not entirely my fault.
You see, a number of factors contribute to my neglecting to write, the main one being, we don't have the internet at our house at the moment and haven't done for the past 2 ish months.

I can't remember where I last left off, but regardless I am basically doing the same thing with the exception of our trip back to Brisbane and moving house about 6 weeks ago.

I am hoping that next few weeks will bring great changes and I will finally get my ass into gear and put my jewellery up on etsy for everyone to buy (it's been long enough surely), get a job during the week with day time hours and do something other than watching Community over and over.
My parents are coming down next week and then Chloe the week after that and then Jacob the week after the week after that, so my life will be full of wonder again.

I'm really just talking for no reason.

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