Hello again, my little friends

Dear faithful friends and followers,

I apologize for my absence over the past alomst-year.
Please know that I have missed you and I hope you have all been well.

The past 11 months have had many twists and turns and I now find myself writing from my new home in Melbourne.
My last post told tales of big fruit picking adventures where we would travel the east coast of Australia, frolicking amongst lush paddocks and picking fruit at our desire.  Those near and dear to my heart will know that after getting as far as the Byron Bay hinterland, these plans came to a halt for 2 months whilst I lived in a wondrous place called 'the Rainbow Temple'.  There is no way I could sum up this experience in a short blog post, but lets just say it was both enlightening and toxic as we spent our days drinking tea, playing chess, sitting atop 100m waterfalls with our feet dangling off the edge and enjoying the tranquil rainforest that surrounded the Temple.

Upon arriving home after a short stint camping at a Mundubbera truck stop, I moved in with two beautiful ladies - Tarryn and Grace - in East Brisbane, got a job with darling Chloe and the Belgian Beer Cafe and also landed myself in the best job I have ever had with my dear friend Jacob (subject of many previous blog posts) at Goodtime surf and sail.

In the 6-7 months I spent at Fisher st, Goodtime and the Belgian, I acquired so many utterly wonderful memories and friends. Good and bad times where had, relationships ended, relationships started, two circuses were seen, many bottles of wine drank, my oldest brother got married and after it was all over, I got on a plane and arrived at my new home.

I have been in Melbourne for just over 2 months now, working at a cocktail bar with 4 of the most delightful characters I could have asked for.
Whilst it doesn't quite feel like home - although our cool-as-shit neighbour and the new friends I have made helps - and there are still many days and nights that I spend with tears in my eyes, I hope that come this time next year, I will have slowly achieved all the things I set out to achieve in moving here.

You'll be hearing from me again soon (very soon),

Chuck xo

I have provided some visual components to go along with my story of the past year.
Please enjoy.

The Rainbow Temple - this place cannot be summed up by 4 photographs, one day, I will elaborate



Our Bedroom (after we had packed and where ready to leave - not in its former glory)


The Cruise





Other wonderful things







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