Bon-voyage folks and fools

Dear Pals,

I know I have failed to write for a couple of months, but please forgive me.
I was worried you would lose interest in my lack of photo's and witty context.. as I have none.

I am writing to tell you all, that I am leaving.
Yep, that's it.. I'm going.  

I am going with my gentleman friend and two of his friends, fruit picking for a while.
We aren't quite sure where we are going yet, but we leave on Sunday.  I hope to go to Tasmania.. but I don't really mind that much.

I will try to send photo's and stories from the fields, but I can't promise anything.
My iPod has been filled with wonderful music from Idith Piaf to PJ Harvey. 
My suitcase with books and paints. 

I hope to come back in touch with the world, at peace with myself and looking like a babe.

Keep in touch and miss you always,
Chuck in the Tree. x

P.s. I will see you in April when I come back for a cruise with my Nan!

(I thought this was an appropriate send off song)

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