My phone is finally back

After a month of having a disconnected phone (actually a month, it got disconnected on the 12 of October), it is finally back!  I don't mind not having a phone.  
But the sucky thing about the disconnected phone situation is that people could still contact you.

I prefer not having a phone and not being contacted all together, but when I get contacted, but can't respond, I just feel rude.

After at least 6 calls to the dudes at 3 in India, my Mum finally took over, called some important people in Australia (the TIO) who apparently have higher authority over phone companies and soughted it out in one day (when I have been trying for the past month with no succession).   

So everyone, feel free to call me (don't call me), because I can now respond!!

Now I can get back to doing what I do best:


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