So many smiles

What a ridiculously, outlandishly, excellent start to the week.

On Sunday I was talking to my old pal Jacob on FB chat and I said 'what are you doing this week' and he said, 'going to Mulimbimby tomorrow for the night', and I said, 'Oh wow, I'm jealous', and he said 'want to come?' and I said '!!@##%)(*$%)(!*)!@$#(*... yes', so go I did.
We left on Monday morning, an hour after expected departure time thanks to Young Jacobs usual lateness, one of Jacob's friends Chad came too, and because they both like to skateboard, we went off to find some hills.

I was the designated hill-ferry (cheeky .. as I'm still on my learners) and would like to think that the trip would not have been nearly as much success as it was without my help (and excellent driving skillz).  

So, yesterday we drove around, looking for hills, finding hills, skating said hills, before indulging in some delicious food and setting up camp on top of this great hill on the side of the road, close to where we had been skating (by we.. I mean Jacob and Chad), we asked a lovely neighbour if it was okay and he was more than willing to accommodate three young travelers on their road to glory.

We arose at sunrise, which was at first unfortunate, but considering how much has been done between then and now (it's 1:09pm), it seems like a reliable option from now on.  
We packed up camp and then went off to the same hill (Banana's) where Jacob and Chad made a movie, and I once again played my role of designated driver.

Once we ran out of time and needed to come home, we jumped in the car, becoming increasingly more sweaty, went into Brunswick Heads and jumped in the stream in our knickers.  
It was wonderful.
Swimming and the beach is by far my favorite past time and seeing as I have had a lack of both of these activities over the past few months, I well and truely feel like I am 'back'.  

The water was bloody freezing, but it couldn't have been more wonderful.

I slept the entire way home and had many, many stoke-filled dreams.  

And the best thing about it is - when I got home, my Dad informed me that they are going to the beach this afternoon.. DOUBLE BEACH TIMES .. So I am going to go to and increase my stoke to a whole new level of glory.  

Thanks Jacob and Chad for quite the phenomenal time!!



And to make things better, I now have Strawberry Milk AND I just remembered I am going to Bright Eyes on Thursday night :D

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