I got up way earlier than what I needed

Yesterday I went on a wonderful picnic with a new pal, and when I got home, I decided that I hated reality TV shows.

This is a spite that has been brewing for a while, but last night I just came out and said it.. I hate reality TV shows .. (except Beauty and the Geek and Farmer Wants a Wife.. they are still great. 

So, in conclusion, I will list the things that are bad about them

1. They tend to go on FOREVER.. I mean, how long has Australian Idol been running (since 2003)
2. Each network can create their own 'reality TV' show so that they don't have to pay for 'actual TV' (good TV)
3. Many people love the crap that reality TV brings and watch it every night (My parents love Celebrity Apprentice, Masterchef and X-Factor).
4. Networks can also rake in HUGE sponsorship from outside companies wanting to promote their brand (e.g. Coles and Masterchef).
5. They are boring and repetitive and over-dramatized.. but I guess people feed off drama and that's what keeps them watching.
6. I would rather eat my own foot than sit through another season of 'The Amazing Race'.

*These facts may or may not have been entirely made up

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