I wish I was a cat

I was thinking on my walk home from work about 15 minutes ago, whilst listening to this song

that I wish I was a cat.

I was thinking this because I was sleepy and I thought that cats could sleep whenever they damn well please, but then I also got thinking onto other things that cats can freely do.
Like frolic in gardens, make friends with strangers, get all cosy and then just disappear for a few days.

And whilst I do do these things, it's just not the same.  
Cats have total freedom that we, as humans, can not have (although I plan on reaching said freedom in March when I disappear from this town and head on my big adventure ;).)

But regardless.  I wish I was a cat.

Sure, dogs are great, I used to be a huge fan of dogs (now I am a fan of bunny's), and there is probably only one dog who holds a giant place in my heart, because she loves to make people happy and is just so wonderful.  See here for (occasionally) more.. but even more regardless, that is just my point.

Dogs long to make people happy, but cat's don't, cats just do whatever the hell they feel like.  That's the kind of life I want to live.  Without having to take other people's feelings into consideration. 

Note: When I was Google spell checking disappear, this is what came up as number one :

Please also note, my teeth hurt so much.
And it's 6:36am and I am no where near sleepy, despite the fact that in the past three days I have had about 9.75 hours sleep, approximately.
Give or take a few minutes.

So now I shall leave you with a crappy photo of the most amazing cat in the world, as well as the bunny I would like to receive as an early Christmas gift, taken ever so stealthy from Google Images.

P1150406 - Copy

P1150404 - Copy

Ugh, I can hear Kat (my housemate.. amazing housemate) getting ready to go to work.. painful, because I just got home.

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