My teeth still hurt, but luckily I can not feel them

Tonight I was listening to this:

And walking (skipping) home from work and thinking 'isn't life just so fucking wonderful!!' exclamation points necessary.

I literally both a) listened to this pretty much on repeat and b) feel like dancing through fields of daisy's when I hear this.  
It's a song that just makes me feel so lovely and free and careless and wonderful when I hear it.

I probably need to sleep, but sleeping is the last thing that I feel like doing.
My belly is growling and I need to feed it, but I can't even imagine putting food inside my belly at this point in time.

I feel like I am looking down at everything in the world and just smiling.

Speaking of which, I have been having these crazingly amazyingly fantastic dreams lately where I am in out of space soaring through the galaxies looking down on earth.  I am totally weightless, roaming amongst the planets, trying to make my way back to earth, but I never do.  I am totally free.  Words cannot even describe how completely liberating it is.



  1. You know, you should be concerned if you can't feel any pain at all. That's the scary part. It can mean that your nerves are numb and are unable to feel anything. Better have them checked by your dentist, just to be sure.

  2. I'm a little confused here. Why did you say that your teeth still hurt when you can't even feel them? Haha! If your teeth used to hurt, but the pain suddenly stopped, then it's probably a good time to go to the dentist. I love the Beatles, btw.