Nipples make the heart grow fonder

I recently (yesterday) found out that I can steal my neighbours internet when I sit on our gate (sorry guys).
So here I am, at almost 1:30 in the morning, sitting on our front gate in the freezing cold interneting to my hearts desire.  

Today has been a pretty balls week, but also a glorious one.
Probably more glorious than balls.

The only balls thing is that I can't download the OC like my heart truely desires, ahh Ryan, Marissa, Summer and Seth (ultimate dreamboat, somewhat exactly the same as high school boyfriend my the same name) you really have me hooked.

Why, Marissa, did you not listen to your mother in season one and go to 'a place for troubled girls', it only ends in death by car.

Gabby showed me this video the other night, and I almost lost my mind.
It's the most excellently crazy thing I have ever seen.

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