Lemmy the Magnificent

Once there was a man named Lemmy.
He was strong and kind and everybody loved him.
Lemmy was born without a vocal box, but instead had a never ending stomach.

He would travel the land, fighting baddies with his stomach of steal, sometimes even swallowing them whole.
Everybody loved Lemmy and looked up to him as if he were a king.
He was no king, but merely a kind-hearted soul, wanting happiness for everyone.

One day, Lemmy challenged the meanest baddy around to a duel.  All the villagers came to cheer him on and watch him win, but it was on this cloudy, cold, windy day, that Lemmy fell.
Everyone watched in horror as their saviour had been defeated.  
Tears came pouring from the eyes of every spectator.

The one they loved and worshiped was somehow gone.

They took his body and buried it in the grandest part of the town, overlooking long grass and daisy fields, with all the food you could possibly eat.

Lemmy was the most beautiful soul to walk the earth and he will always be remembered.

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