Poison Oak

I feel like I have just become an adult.
Not because I got my period for the first time, but more because I have actually been responsible this weekend.
I have gone to bed straight after work instead of staying up late with pals, I got up early this morning and went grocery shopping, I plan to come home early-ish tonight and do my assignment (that I have left until last minute) and instead of having a gloriously fun day tomorrow, I plan to spend it doing more of my assignment.  
I would like to have it all finished by Tuesday night as Wednesday is my (actual) birthday (despite the fact that I fooled most of my FB friends by pretending it was on March 15th), and then from Tuesday, it will be holidays! 

During my holidays I hope to spend as much time road trippin' with my pal Tom, and hopefully Chloe and Meally as I possibly can.
I hope that we can take another trip up into the mountains if I am not working like an every day sucker.

Right now I am running late-ish to work, so I won't post a photo, but instead leave you with yet another Bright Eyes song.

Listen to the lyrics, they are ground breaking

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