Potential tear-times are surely ahead

As per usual, I have failed my 'I'm going to be really good and go to tafe every day and start all my assignments early' attitude and am now lagging behind like a dead horse behind a car.
Maybe that was a little too far?.. but unlikely.

I am so tired that I look like I have come out of the X-Files.  (Kat, Ben and I have replaced Outrageous Fortune with X-files as our go-to thing to watch and as a result it has been on basically non-stop over the past few days).

So, right now, I am going to have a nice warm shower, get into my blanket heated bed and forget that I have to get up at 8:12 tomorrow to go to TAFE (which really is not that much of an unreasonable wake up hour, but somehow it feels so very, very early).

I think I am on the train to self destruct city, but that won't change my party-on attitude.

There have been so many hyphenated words in this post.

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