Birthday bliss

So as I mentioned the other day, Wednesday was my birthday.
Despite the fact that I got about 4 hours sleep due to assignment completion, it was an excellent day.
I went to tafe in the morning, the came home and dyed my hair purple, then went to my parents place with a few of my pals and had some delicious dinner before going to Mount Cootha to look at the beautiful city lights.

Yesterday I bought a new goose feather duvet and 2 new pillows.. sleeping last night was the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced..  With my knew duvet + body warmth, I can just about throw my heated blanket out.. but I probably won't.

I'm pretty damn sleepy, I feel sick and my mind has turned to mush, so that's about all I have to say.

But this man can never say enough..

I somehow in my travels got a buttload (by this I mean 495 songs) of DJ Shadow on my itunes, I don't hate this strange fact at all... not at all.

P1300719 2

P1300731 2

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