Cats occasionally have three eyes

Tonight has been the most wonderful night totally unintentionally.

PLUS TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! (My actual birthday). 

I took a break from doing my assignment and went and had a hot chocolate at Cru bar, which soon turned into cheesecake from Aaron, which then turned into cocktails from Ty and talking to a strange but lovely fellow at the bar.
After that, I threw away the responsibility of doing my assignment and instead went and got 'birthday gutter chocolate milk' with Ty and Aaron which was excellent!

I couldn't have thought of a better way to bring in the 'big day'.

Beautiful Kat was still up when I got home, because she was worried, as when I left I said 'I'm going to get a coffee quickly' and left my keys and my phone at home.

She gave me this, the MOST BEAUTIFUL tea cup + tea :D

It looks beyond fitting in both the kitchen and my horribly lit study.


Now, to spend the next four hours studying.. fun.

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