Insite into my insides

Last night didn't go as planned..
Chloe is staying here the week and I had given her strict instructions that last night we would have an early night because I was really sleepy and as I am letting her hide from reality in my house, she must abide by my rules.

Instead we had one too many delicious beverages, invited Shaun and Kyle over and ended up having a three way spoon in my bed which can barely fit a two way spoon on a good day.

Yesterday I had this massive talk with my friend Andrew about life and being young.
Now days, everything is so dramatic and I am so over it.

What I want more than anything is to be able to drive (or have a great friend that will drive me) away into the mountains or to the beach or where ever we want to go and to just have fun and do stupid things, because in reality, these are the only years of our life that we can get away with it before we have to start growing up.

I have most deffinatly had a MASSIVE change in attitude in the past two months, but deffinatly for the better and I can honestly never see myself going back to my former attitude, which is also a good thing.


I am also loving this whole taking-photo's-and-posting-on-blog thing.
I haven't posted someone else's photo in AAAAAGES.

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