How to kill your Guinea Pig

1. Feed it nuts or seeds
2. Trap it in a cage and leave it in the sun
3. 'Accidentally' creep up on it from behind and yell BOO
4. Don't clip it's toenails.. ever
5. Put poison in it's water bowl
6. 'Accidentally' forget to feed it for three weeks
7. Let it's hair grow long and matted across it's eyes, then eventually it will run into the fire you have going constantly in your back yard
8. Mistake it for a piece of steak and cook it on the BBQ (then serve to your friends and family with a delicious relish
9. Put it's poo in its food bowl
10. Take a leaf out of Frankie's book and relax and let it run while in your insides

Follow these ten simple steps and your Guinea Pig will surely die.


  1. I'm not letting you near my guinea pigs then :P haha.

  2. I love the website do you k ow the one about your fingers putting them together in front of the guinea pigs eyes then quickly pulling them apart :D

  3. what the fuck is wrong with you, you sadistic masochistic freak

  4. Wow, did you test all of these methods?