Horrah for Hovercrafts!

This week I have been so darn busy..
A nice change to my relatively slow and uneventful lifestyle.
On Saturday night was my cousins 21st, where my delightful father and I dipped our hand in the punch bowl one too many times which was then follow by 'you are both an embaressment to our family' by my Mother, which we then responded to by giggling like little school girls.
On Sunday I went to Chloe's house.
On Monday I resisted the urge to kill myself and instead went to tafe and then to work and some late night hang times with a new pal.
Yesterday I did the bad-ass manouver of skipping tafe and instead ran some errands and fell asleep on the couch with the same new pal followed by a birthday party for Maddy at the Pig 'n Wistle.

Today brings yet another day of learning at my educational institution of choice before heading to my Nan's for some fun times.

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