The Day: Part 2 - Matt & Kim

As said in previous post, after having a nice sit on the grass, we went to see Matt & Kim who were playing at this crazy crazy 'Lily Land' Stage.

I don't think words can possibly comprehend how amazing these guys were!
I went to see them in 2008 when they played a 'pool party' at the Ithaca pool in Paddington.
The pool party got rained out and at first it was thought that the show would not go on, but alas they resurrected themselves swimmingly and played in the ladies changing room.
There was probably about 30 people in total at the gig, which made it all the more amazing and afterwards everyone was so sweaty that we jumped in the pool in our clothes.

Just like their Ithaca Pool gig, this one was unbelievable.
The energy and the sense of fun and interaction that is shown on stage is just overwhelming and the crowd completely soaks it all up and becomes this awesome crowd of happy people.
Matt at one point even climbed to the top of the stage lights.
They were standing on chairs, throwing their feet in the air and just generally having a good time all round.

It was most defiantly the highlight of my day.
Due to my score of press pass too, I went backstage and said (like a true star-struck 15 year old) 'you guys are so awesome, I saw you play in Paddington a few years ago, you are just so cool'.
They said thank you and that the pool show was their favourite of all their shows because they played in the bathroom - which is something not many people will have done.



Unfortunately the dark is covering her face :(


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