The Day: Part 1

What's up gang!
I have internet at home again! (finally)

So I bet you are all dying to ask 'how the hell was yesterday??'
And to those questions I will respond 'it was pretty fucking great.'

I managed to charm my way into 1 press pass (which I did use a few times when I maybe wasn't supposed to).

So, when we got there down the coast, we got dropped at the Caltex and made the walk to the grounds, surrounded by Australia's finest people.

First up we went and say Children Collide.  
To tell you the truth, the amount of d-bags in the crowd made it difficult to concentrate on their music, so soon after we went to get a drink/food and sit on a nice grassy hill in the shade.
We then saw Washington briefly which wasn't bad, but then left again for air.

After Washington, we went and saw Die Antwood which were great!
Yo Landi is honestly the coolest chick around - she even mooned the audience.

Once they finished, we went again and sat on our grassy, shady hill and indulged in another drink - courtesy of someone who had lost their drink tickets. 
We hung around there for a while before going and seeing Matt & Kim.



Die Antwood Set

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