The Antlers

Today I went onto the internet to see when Laneway is on.
As I did so, there was a review on The Antlers on the page, so I clicked on it, as I was involved in an intense convocation about them last night (which included singing).
As I read on, I got more and more intrigued about how their album Hospice came into play.

My first memory of listening to them was when I given their album in a treasure hunt with a creepy guy that used to peer into my window at night (probably still does), and I listened to them in the bath after a big night out, fell asleep and woke up an hour later looking as pruney as a grandma.
It was great.

Anyway, I felt necessary to pass on which was said by Peter Silberman (original founder):


"Hospice came from the idea of caring for a terminal patient who's mentally abusive to you.  You don't have the right to argue with them, either, because they're the one who's dying here; they're the one that's been dealt a wrong hand. So you take it, but you can only take so much. Eventually, you realise that this person is just destroying you."

I have no idea why, but this just got into my head.
I hope it gets into yours now.

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