Mr F.

I want to die.
My head is throbbing like it never has before.
I’m at work and everything is spinning.
There is a party of foulness going on in my mouth.
I’m very much regretting deleting facebook, although I shall not give into temptation to rejoin!
I can’t concentrate on anything – luckily there is spell check!

Last night, Meally, Liv, Maddy and I went to Ric’s.
It was one of the best nights I have had out in a long while it was sick!
We made confetti, had lime skins for teeth, absolutely got the D-floor going (when we got there, the place was actually empty, but when I left, I had to battle through crowds).

Today, however, I wish I could sleep with my eyes open.



(to understand the header, watch Arrested Development)

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