Billy the Kid

Today has been a nothing day, but in token a great one!
I woke up at Chloe's after babysitting last night just down the road from her.
She dropped me at Indooroopilly, where I then went Christmas shopping (for myself) before heading home to clean the house.
I was possibly the worlds sweatiest person by the time I hopped in the shower at 3:30.

I am now contemplating what to do with my night.. Chloe and Broed have suggested bowling, which I then converted into pool at Fat Loui's.
It's too rainy to party.
Plus, it's perfect cuddle weather and Jacob is not around, so what better thing to do that drown my non-existant sorrows in a great game of pool with great friends?

I took this just before.

What I'd like for Christmas now, is a flash

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