Sylvia the Sloth

It's 8:30, I'm exhausted and am about to go to bed (after a quick post).
Today didn't unravel like I thought it would - instead of going to the coast with Tom and Steve, I went to Southbank with my Mum and then came home to an empty house and watched Scrubs for the rest of the afternoon (I have now finished up to season 4 and between you and I.. I think I might watch something else for a while).

Sunday's are usually a funny day for me.
It is usually emotionally complex and riddled with ups and downs and more often than not, the sinking feeling of loneliness that I get when I am exceptionally tired.
Today was different, even with my 5:30 bed time.

I was sitting outside, watching the world go by, feeling lonely, but instead of crying for a few minutes like I usually would, I smiled.
I'm not really sure why and I'm not really sure what I was smiling about and although it didn't take away the isolation and exhaustion that I was feeling, it made me feel better.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!
I got a few snaps this weekend too (by a few, I mean about 10).

Here are Liv and Meally

They are blurry because I don't have a flash.
I think it makes them kind of cool though.

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