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Despite my early bedtime last night, I am tres exhausted today.
The weekend was great and whilst the week will be lame, I have some exciting things going on.

Tonight I am giving my hair a much needed once-over with hair dye and Jimmy is bringing me his fish to babysit while he is away for the next month :D :D
Tomorrow night, I am going out for $5 steak and chips with Tom.
Wednesday night I might go back to the ol’ folks home for dinner (my previous home) or maybe to Chloe’s so I can get that video back that was supposed to be returned two Friday’s ago (maybe both?).
Thursday night I am going to see Chelsea’s.
Friday night PJ and Holly (my brother and his girlfriend) are back in town, so I might try and see them.
Saturday I am working
Sunday I am not too sure.

For now however, I shall go and make myself a very large coffee.

Have a great day :)

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