Return of the Smiles

Back at work for another day of slaving away in the office.

The good news is that my camera should arrive today!
The other good news is I am going to try and sew something tonight, which I will then take a picture of and post on the blog tomorrow!

So what did the weekend hold?
Well from Thursday – early, early Saturday morning was our work conference which was at Casuarina Beach, Saturday morning held the departure of Jacob, Saturday day I watched 3 movies and 3 episodes of Scrubs, Saturday night I bon-voyaged my great friend Isolde with a Mexican themed party and late night groove times.
Sunday I woke at 11:00 and had Bacon, eggs and a hash brown for breakfast, I then had coffee with Tom before watching some more Scrubs and then later being joined by Chloe and Meally for dinner.

It was a lovely weekend filled with non-stop smiles.. Just what I needed.

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