Have a heart and help a sista out

I am in need every single persons help!
My boi Tom Mundey needs some help to win a [V] (foxtel channel) competition and seeing as he has no friends, I told him I would help him out.

Basically if he wins the competition he will be flown around the world with different bands and get all the fame and riches he could ever desire (I’m quite sure this isn’t actually what he wins, but I know it is somewhat similar).

So, to help a brother out, you will need to go to the below links and follow my instructions.
You need to go (here) and first 'like' Chanel V's page (annoying I know, but it's for a good cause), once that is done click on the vote for VOTE link and Bob's your uncle, it's over.
I know it would mean the world to Tommy if he won and if you vote for him, I will make sure he will return the favour with an hour long foot masage every day for a week.

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