The riddle has finally been solved

After a long and lovely conversation with an even lovlier friend of mine today (shameless promoting will come tomorrow), I realised what the hell is wrong with me lately.

After weeks of racking my brains to figure out why I was so much funnier at the beginning of the year, I have come to what I believe to be the correct conclusion - Seinfeld.

"What?" you say, "I don't understand".

Well then, let me elaborate.. 
At the beginning of the year, until about April and late last year, I was OBSESSED with Seinfeld. 
If you look back through my Blog Archive, you will see that my posts where riddled with short Seinfeld clips.
I think because I was always watching this hilarious light hearted show, I in turn because hilarious and light hearted.

Tomorrow I shall buy the box set.

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