Sydney Part Two

So after a great night sleep, we headed into the city to re-visit a few shops and spend some of our hard earned cash.

I bought a Ralph Lauren polo short for breast cancer which I LOVE.
Mum bought a cool gingham shirt and 2 new pairs of glasses (possibly the coolest glasses in the world).

After trying on all we could try on, we decided to head over to Double Bay to check into our hotel room before going for a drive around to Watsons bay and having a drink by the beach.

We ate dinner at a restaurant just across the road from our hotel, Mum had pasta, I had a chicken burger.

Wednesday I woke up feeling horribly bland and unattractive. After a failed attempt at Oxford street and many ‘I hate my life, nothing looks good’ from me, it was unanimously decided that I would do something to change my hair – what exactly I was not sure, but there was a Joh Bailey hair salon just down the road so I thought ‘why not?’

After much discussion with the hair dressers, and much procrastination on my part, I decided to get a haircut, it was only after they finished the hair cut, that I also decided I would dye my hair a vibrant pink-red. Luckily being spontaneous worked a treat this time, I have had many lovely comments, even from strangers, so that was a lovely way to cheer my day.

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