Sydney Part One

So, as you would all hopefully know by now, last week I went to Sydney with my Mum.
It was a glorious trip filled with many-a-laughs.
Here is our itinerary:

Sunday morning Mum and I woke up bright and early, packed our things and started on the long drive down to Sydney.
We went down the New England Highway, which was filled with beautiful scenery, because it was rainy and overcast too, everything looked so green and luscious.
At one point, we were even driving through really thick cloud!
At 8:30pm (daylight savings time) we arrived in Newcastle where we set up camp in a quaint little pub-hotel, run by the loveliest man, that rather unfortunately I can’t remember the name of, otherwise I would highly recommend staying there!

Once we dumped our bags in the hotel, we headed into town to get some tucker. There was nothing really open by the time we arrived, except for this great little cafe style restaurant that was filled with people. We ate there and it was delicious!
One thing I could not get over in Newcastle was how many young, good looking, well-dressed people there were. I thought it would be Grandpa-central, but I was both shocked and pleased at the same time.
The beach was also quite beautiful.. I would possibly even holiday there some time.

One Monday morning we woke up and had a delicious breakfast supplied by the hotel, paid for by Mum and then it was back on the road, down to Sydney.
The drive into Sydney was one of spectacular views and aching legs. All I wanted to do was take a million pictures and keep the scenery memorised as a constant back drop in my mind forever.

Arriving in Sydney, we stopped off where my Mum used to live and visited some shops there, before trekking on and finding a place to stay (we thought we would go with the spontaneous pop-in like they do so often in movies instead of booking a hotel room like a normal person would).

After a good 2 hours of driving around, getting lost, looking for a hotel we managed to find a room at what we thought would be another quaint pub-hotel right in the heart of Sydney.
Little did we know however, that we would be staying in the ‘attic’ style rooms on the top floor.
When I say attic, I mean the room was very small, had no windows and stank of mould – pleasant.
Needless to say, we went straight to Flight Centre (on our way to go shopping) and they organized a hotel for us in Double Bay for the next night.

After a couple of hours shopping, in an avoidance to go back to our hotel room, we went and saw Eat Pray Love. Great movie! I myself hadn’t read the book, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

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