Sydney Part Three

On Thursday we went to Bondi Junction Westfield which is supposedly the biggest Westfield in Australia, only to find that if we looked at another clothing store we would surely die, so on this note we went into the homewares section where we were more than in our element.

I bought some neat ice-block making moulds (you know the ones where you make your own ice-blocks??) which are awesome, as well as some other bits and pieces for around the house.

I think it was very much true that we were both ready to go home by Thursday – not because we weren’t having a fabulous time, but more because we were shopped out and ready to see our loved ones.

On Friday morning, we once again packed our things and readied our self for the long drive home.
Unlike on the way down, we were going to drive the whole way, instead of stopping off somewhere for the night.

I can honestly say, this drive was the most painful drive I have ever experienced because unlike on the way down, there was also no excitement of ‘HEY, WE ARE GOING TO SYDNEY’ it was more the gloom of ‘hey, we are going home’.

Upon arrival at home to, I became the grumpiest person that ever did live as my elder brother moved home and had taken my old room, so I was then destined to sleep on the couch as it was too late (and Mum was too sleepy) to drop me home.

All in all, the greatest road trip to date!
We had the good (hair, clothes, food), the bad (first night’s hotel room) and the ugly (waking up in the morning) which all combined make for a perfect holiday.

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