Day 4

Truth be told, I want to go home.
To new home I mean.
I'm getting bored here.
I was explaining to young Jeramiah the other day that I feel like this place is a prison (quote Postal Services) (I quoted that whole thing including quote Postal Services from our convocation) not because it is horrible, or not because I don't enjoy spending time with my family, but mostly because when I am here, there is nothing going on around me and because I can't drive I can't get anywhere.. I feel like all my freedom is gone and I am literally trapped within these four walls.

The thing is, is that I have been all up in the air in limbo, waiting for this operation to be over, thinking all my dreams would come true come operation day.  But I didn't take into consideration the healing time that I would need.

I hate more than anything in the world sitting around at home while everyone else is out having fun, even though they might be doing the exact same thing at their homes.

Because I am at home too, bored all day, my mind wanders into all parts of thoughts that it probably shouldn't wander to.
I just want to get back into normal life.

I want to go home.

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