Cat's are generally women*

For now I say my final fair well for the next week (I know you will miss me).
I have actually been sitting at the breakfast table for quite some time thinking what to say next..

So instead of elaborating into my future journey's in Sydney, I shall tell you of my past journeys of yesterday's road trip with Justin (Jacob).

I waited at Indooroopilly for Jacob, as usual, he was running late, due to falling back to sleep after his wake up call, which was perfect because I had time to get myself a delicious slurpee and some cheeto's (as well as some freddo frogs), from the 7/11.  
Once he had collected me and told me of the woeful tales that has become his stereo system, we went to JB-HI FI to get some new speakers, so we were able to carry on with grooving good times, instead of just good times.
(I'm struggling to make sense)

We drove onwards to our decided our destination, amused by cassette tape string that had been caught on our car, the melodies or glorious music vibrating through our ears (this lasted for about 2 hours).  We finally reached the sunshine coast where it was time for Jeramiah to surf and me to laze on the beach and play in the rock pools (where I came to encounter a gnarly/embarrassing slip).

Once the beach times where done, it was onwards to Montville for some tucker, encountering along the way a loss of wallet.
Montville, as expected was beautiful with glorious sights and scenery coming from all directions, it was afternoon too so the sun was at the most perfect angle.
After failing to find food in Montville, we headed home through Lansbourough(?) and had some delicious fish + chips and a burger.

Yesterday was most definitely what I needed to get back into the swing of great happy times.
There is nothing I like to do better than to road trip with my pal Jacob and I hope to encounter many more as summer comes closer!
(you will probably see some glorious photo's of scenery here - www.jacoblambert.blogspot.com - within the next few weeks)

*this fact may or may not be true

This is a great quality photo taken from my super sweet phone

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