Dingo ate your baby?

Well Chumps, after 2 days of sitting at home doing not much at all, participating in the visits of two, soon to be three lovely fellows, I find myself rather bored.

I fear Mum is in the same boat as we stayed up last night watching Embarrassing Bodies. 
I've been finding it hard not to fall asleep at the most inconvienint times - like at the end of movies - but struggling to slip into deep slumber when it come time for bed.

So, to cut our losses and get back into happier times, Mum and I are going to Sydney!
We are driving down on Sunday and coming home next Friday - I hope she will let me drive some of the way, otherwise I fear my licence will never make its way into my sweaty little palm.

I'm quite excited, as my previous visits to Sydney have only brought the best of memories - first with a portion of the VG gang to see The Flaming Lips, second with Chloe for most likely the greatest (or possibly second greatest - sorry Chlo) new years ever!  I'm sure time with Mum who could most certainly not be classified as a prude will be just as exciting and smile baring!

For now anyway, I am going to shower, eat something before I puke, meet Nan for lunch, then later see a movie with dear Hayden.

Bon voyage suckers!

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