Lismore Part 2

On Sunday morning, we woke up at 9:17am (despite Jacob insisting the previous night that we wake up at 7:00am and go exploring the town) and packed up our things before heading into town. Town was as dead as a kangaroo on the side of the road, so we got a quality breakfast of Banana milk, freddo’s and French fries before saying bon voyage to Lismore.

We stopped probably 5 or 6 times (re-starting Arcade Fire’s, Sprawl II every time we got back in the car) (that could have been the only song we listened to) before we actually got out of the Lismore vicinity and on our way to the beach.

The day was quite rainy, so we didn’t stay long at the beach, just enough time for me to read a great chunk on my magazine and get cold.

After the beach, we headed to Bangalow for lunch. We ate at this neat bakery where we both had a ham and cheese croissant. Mmm..

After we left Bangalow, we then started driving to find some Macadamia tree’s to hang my clothes in to take photo’s for my portfolio, whilst doing this, we found a little laneway of tree’s which we chose to use instead.

As soon as we got out of the car and started setting up, it started raining and the mosquito’s came out to kill. I was bitten about a million times, however Jacob was not bitten at all (bastard).

Anyway, we got all the photo’s done (and then it stopped raining) and then headed home.

All in all, a great weekend! I haven’t really ever gone away on spontaneous trips with anyone before, but I know that Jacob is most certainly the greatest person to go with. We have a great mixture of laughs, bush pee’s, beach time, Cheeto’s, great beatz and general teeth-showing smiles.

Thanks shovel face for the great weekend!!

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