Damn you Axolotl

I’m sorry Annie - http://www.distractionblogg.blogspot.com/ – this is somewhat similar to your post, without actually meaning to be.
So I’m sure everyone who has a blog has noticed.. they have put this new thing on the dashboard called ‘stats’ which basically lets you track the amount of people that view your blog, per day, week, month etc.., what country they are from and what posts they are looking at.

Anyway.. looked on it and it said that yesterday, 108 people viewed my blog and today 124 people have viewed by blog.
My first reaction was ‘jeepers creepers, I can’t imagine why that many people would want to view my modest blog every day, so then I got looking further into the matter and it came to my attention that the reason I have so many blog views, is because I am on the first page of Google Images when you type in ‘axolotl’.

Yep, that’s right, the thing that I fear most in the world is actually the thing that gets me into Google Images.

Anyway, when you click on the picture, it takes you to my post I did AGES ago – Monsters of the deep.
I’m quite sure this was one of my first posts.
People from all around the world have actually commented on this post too as if it was a forum.  Crazy!!

I think I might take down the picture so then I get a REAL understanding of how many people view my blog when they aren’t looking at the picture.

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