Lismore Part 1

I’m basically having to force myself to post about my travels today (as promised yesterday) because I am about as inspired as a fibre-lacking poo, so I’m sorry if it is ultra-lame-and-non-exciting.

Okay, so, where to start, where to start.

On Saturday afternoon at about 4:06pm, my mum dropped me (but I drove) to Jacob’s work, where we would shortly after be heading down to Lismore for the night.
After a rocky start and an hour that we didn’t have to spare, we were on the open road.
Once again two gals, ready for a good time, just like Thelma and Louise (coincidentally, my middle name is Louise and I’m pretty sure Jacob’s is Thelma, but don’t quote me on that last part).
After stopping a few times for coffee and Cheeto’s, we stopped somewhere about 2 hours from Brisbane so that Jacob could take a photo of the lights over Byron. The only think I can say about this is MY GOD! I have never in my life been in wind like that before. I don’t even think I can describe it without you a. Thinking I’m lying or b. Not truly being able to understand the seriousness of the wind.
It was like a miniature cyclone.

Once photos were taken and we had been sufficiently harassed by a group of men needing to pee, we were back on the road.

We arrived in Lismore at about 9:08pm and checked into our room.
We turned on the TV and watched Rockwiz for a while – I’m pretty sure it was the first time both of us had seen it (great show) – and none other than Adam Green (love of life, see FB future husband, and I know for a fact that around December I posted about 10 of his clips on my blog). I know that watching this show only made us both fall even more deeply in love with him.. Just like with the wind, I don’t think you will be able to understand the severity of our crush (it’s more an obsession).

Anyway, once that was done, we walked into town (in the rain) to get some tucker (inland name for food). We went to this shop that pretty much only sold things that were soaked in oil and I got a pizza which was a little cold and had most defiantly been sitting there for a while, but other than that was delicious.
One thing I couldn’t believe when walking into town was how many people there were around and how young they were (18 – 25). I thought they would all be 80.
There were lines for some of the pubs that were longer than most of the lines for Brisbane clubs.

We had to walk past these people, and Jacob nearly wet his pants in fear – I however was not scared at all and told him to ‘man up’.

After this, we walked back to our room and went to sleep.

(Jacob sleeping)

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