Thursday morning un-woeful tales

What a wonderful day it would be today to frolic in the garden, take a drive to the sea side, bake cakes and have a picnic. Unfortunately I am at work, so none of these said things can be done with ease.
I did however solve my axolotl problem and delete the post.

Last night, Jacob, Tom, Steve and myself went to Big Sound, which for those who are unaware is a very minute ‘festival’ (that’s the only word I could really think of) in the valley. Multiple bands play at many different venues throughout the Valley both last night and tonight (as well as Valley Fiesta on Saturday night).
It was quite good! I saw many-a friends that I haven’t seen in months, my ears were blessed with the melody of sweet music, young Tom almost agreed that we were on a date (common’ Tom, you can’t deny it) and then to top it all off nicely, I had a great uninterrupted sleep (which was all too short).
Another great thing too is we get to do it all again tonight!!

I think for the weekend I shall wrap myself in a cocoon and not see the light of day.
Yep.. great plan.


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