Another Pointless Post About Nothing

I feel pretty horrible today.
I woke up feeling fine, but then once I arrived at work and looked opened the internet and looked at all the pages that had been updated whilst I was asleep, I now feel sad.
I’m not really sure why, and I don’t know if I can help said feeling or if I am just being a baby, but it’s not very nice. I won’t delve into detail, because that’s when other people’s feelings get hurt, but I will say my new bed sheets are amazing! AMAZING!

I didn’t do any sewing last night, in fact all I did was play on my new computer – but since I haven’t played on it yet I think it can be warranted.
On Sunday, however, I plan on having a great sewing day and I can make all the things I have been meaning to make for the past long time.
AND tomorrow I’m seeing Farley!!
I great weekend ahead I think.

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