Hey guys, I am very aware that I have pretty much raped your brains today with all of my many posts, but I would like to inform you of a few facts:

1. My Dad is back from England!
2. My Mum is really excited because we got SO much silverware and silk scarfs and antique cufflinks and tea sets from my Grandpa's things
3. I AM POSTING FROM MY NEW LAPTOP! (This is probably the most exciting)
4. I have ALMOST finished designs for portfolio
5. I'm going to go and do some sewing now - why not make a disappointing afternoon into a productive night.
6. Andrew - this is blogworthy - your songs where amazing!

I'm not sure if this video will work - I think it's different on a Mac, I couldn't just copy and paste the HTML. Please let me know if it doesn't play because it's the bomb-digidy and deserves to be played I dare say it made video's set in coin laundry's.

Wow, it's November all over again.

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