Mmm.. Weekend

This weekend was a pretty great one!

On Friday night, we had a birthday celebration for my Dad! Which Mum made a delicious roast for.. I LOVE roast. If you ever want to win over my heart – make me a roast.
Anyway, my Dad was still pretty jetlagged, so he went to bed really early, whilst I stayed up and watched The Holiday. God it’s a great movie!!

Then on Saturday, I woke up, had a lovely breakfast and watched Saturday Disney before Holly picked me up and we went to the cemetery.
Creepy? I think not!
We went to visit the Mayne Family Crypt – I’m reading a book about them at the moment and thought it would be interesting to go take a look at their graves (I plan on visiting just about everywhere they have ever been). They were a Brisbane family who murdered this man and took all his money and then became rich and what not. It’s SUPER interesting!

Then when I got home that afternoon I watched Four Weddings and a Funeral which was GREAT!
Chloe then came over for dinner and once we had finished we went to her house to watch a movie.
We got out It’s Complicated.
It was actually a really greatly funny movie too! (I’m swear all I have done the past few days is watch movies).

Then after Jeremy dropped me home, Jacob came over in preparation for a coastal trip on Sunday with myself and young Stevie.

I love going to the coast.
It’s probably one of my favourite things to do, especially when we go with a friend of choice (usually Steve or Tom) (Jacobs friends).
They are fun and we laugh and I get to laze around in the sun and read my book and the drives are always full of cheery smiles.

So there you have it, that was my weekend.

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