Will sell shoes for food.. unlikely

This morning has been a mixture of smiles and fears.

I started looking into moving out on Friday night / Saturday morning, I then went to see a house on Monday night, then they text me this morning and I’m moving in on the weekend.
I think this has to be the fastest most sporadic move-out in the history of the world.
I’m partly glad to be out in the world, but then I’m kind of worried where my money will lead me.
I’m having to fork out 5 grand in October and then be unemployed for 6 weeks.
I kinda feel like everything has happened at the speed of light, but then part of me is also thinking – if I wasn’t supposed to move out right now, I wouldn’t have got the room (they also had some other people around) – maybe it’s fate, and I will find out either that I love living out of home, or I hate living out of home, and will then move back home and never move out.

So this then brings me to my next point..
If you want clothes, books, gadgets, shoes, furniture or my little brother, then this yard sale is the place to be!
I may have to assess my bedroom and see how much I can gather together and see if that actually warrants a yard – but none the less, if you want some of my stuff that you have seen and liked / seen and want to burn, now is your chance to come and get it!
(Will post facebook invitation).

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