Care for a long one in the morning?

I feel like work is absolutely the last place I would like to be right now.. but I’m not sure I want to leave – we are going to the Port Office for lunch AND we are having a tequila party tonight AND if I leave, I don’t get paid (or laid) but mainly just paid.
Last night Jacob and I went to Lambda at Alhambra to see the ever-lovely James Wright. I know after my last visit I called it Lame-da, but now I fear I must eat my words and say – I actually had one of the greatest nights I have had out in a while.

I’m can’t really put my finger on what made it so great as it had many-a things I dislike when going out – large line to get in, large line to get to the bar, being so packed you are virtually unable to move, having to line up to go outside – but I wasn’t fazed by any of this.. I think all of this was over-ridden by the other great things that happened – I got in a ‘so you wanna talk about mothers’ battle with a stranger, I finally got to meet the lovely Lachlan Matherson and Jack Hickling, who have been praised so much by Jacob that, combined with me peering through their windows at night, I felt like I already knew them. I also, on our way home, thought I could do a ballet leap – don’t ask me why – and fell on my arse so badly, I am actually surprised that I can walk today, this leap was then rein acted to the man working behind the counter at 7/11.

Combined with my tiredness and the volume of thoughts I have circulating my head right now, I really don’t think I can do describing of last night any justice at all. It was one of those nights that I would have quite happily stayed until everyone else is gone and it’s just me and the d-floor in an all consuming battle to the death.

So, in conclusion, I would rate last night a 9 out of 10, I think I formed this amazing bubble around myself and I only took notice of the people I wanted to see/talk to and everyone else may as well have not been there. Therefore because I didn’t have to put up with anyone elses d-bag-ness I was able to have the most phenomenal night. My cheeks and stomach muscles actually hurt from laughing so much all night. ARGH I actually don't want to stop talking, but I know I must.

Thank-you for having us James, great time was had by all (me) and your hair looks lovely.

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