I know you all missed me

I'm sure you may feel as though you've been neglected these past few days, feeling as though you can't handle another day without my poor spelling and never ending rants.. but alas, I have been oh so busy.
Doing what you ask? Well.. let me tell you.

On Friday, I went to work – as usual – then after work I went home, wandered around for a while before Chloe came and picked me up.
I was staying at Chloe’s house on Friday night and wouldn’t be home until Monday (I thought at the time) so therefore packed pretty much my entire wardrobe into one small bag, after about an hour of playing dress-ups and choosing what I could wear for the rest of the weekend.
Anyway.. once that was done, I went to Chloe’s had a few glasses of wine (cheap wine) and then headed off to Alhambra for ‘Threaded’. I’m not really sure how I feel about Threaded (it’s this amateur fashion shoe type thing). I think it’s all a little intense for me – like everyone who goes there is apparently most amazing designer/model/stylist/musician/faggot.
(except Mags, she did a great job!!)
After we left Alhambra we went next door to Family/Empire (they have been joined together because something is going down with Empire), because my friend gave us some free tickets (anything free and I’m down!) and we were getting picked up at 12:30 (yes our parents still pick us up when we flutter our eyelashes and tell tales of our money misfortunes) so anyway, we went there.
It was fucking unbelievable! There were huge tassels hanging from the ceiling and hundreds of staircases and this huge metal human thing in the entrance that stretched over 3 floors.
I recommend going there, just to see all the place! The architecture and the design and the fit-out was phenomenal!
We, having only had 2 glasses of wine a couple of hours prior, were in the perfect sober state to appreciate the layout and all the craziness, without having to cross wires with drunken slut-guts.

On Saturday, Chloe and I got up and had a delicious breakfast of Vegemite on toast and went down to the coast for the day.
On the drive down we had some sick beats bustin’ and we were singing along, amazingly in tune – much to the entertainment of onlookers.
The coast was kinda cold and windy, so I won’t really delve into that, although we did have Doritos’s and Salsa on the beach!
Once we decided it was too cold, we went to Marina Mirage for a milkshake and a banana muffin before driving home (with more sick beats but less singing and dancing).
When we got home, we showered and got ready to go out and then after a trillion missed phone calls, Jacob came and picked us up and we went to his place with his lovely friend Tom and hung out there before going to the Batz party because Jacob had some photographs hanging on the wall there.
The party actually wasn’t that bad!
I think it was made better by my inability to see properly, but it was a lot more fun than first expected.
I also got to meet the lovely Annie Hickling – http://www.distractionblogg.blogspot.com/ – and we shared an even more lovely garden-pee.

On Sunday, Jacob, Steve (The Tale of Stephen Townsend [refer to January posts]) went to the beach!
I’m sorry to say Chlo, but it was more lovely on Sunday than it was on Saturday, simply because we went to Casuarina instead of the Gold Coast and wind/temperature were on my side and I lay out on my towel, basking my pale skin in the glorious sun.
Sunday night I, and a friend of choice, were supposed to go and see OM play at the Hi-Fi, but at last minute I decided tiredness was upon me, and therefore went home – and the rest of the night I actually can’t recall.

Monday I had the day off (yay) and I just hung around the house – literally not changing from my pyjamas until about 6:30pm.
It was really nice to not do anything.

On Tuesday I had another day off..
Instead of doing nothing though, I caught up on some things that I needed to do – i.e. take photos of my clothes to sell, catch up on Desperate Housewives, before Jacob came over on Tuesday Night.

So in Conclusion, it’s been a great past week!


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