Is there anything a horoscope can't predict?

Today has been the most horrible day I have had in a long time – but strangely I’m not upset.
Let me delve further into what has been my morning so far..

I woke up this morning – unwillingly – to find my throat and oesophagus had clearly been raped during the night, as I’m not sure what else would cause this kind of pain. I then had a shower, had a soother and sleepily got ready for the day whilst my whole body ached and wanted to die. Doesn’t sound that bad? This happens to you every morning? Well dear friend, read on..

On my walk to the train station, not only was I carrying my entire life in my new overnight bag (I’m staying at my Nan’s for a few days), but also had a jillion things in my hands – including my iPod which had run out of battery after 30 seconds.
When I got to the train station, I bought my ticket and put down my oh-so-heavy bag. The train then pulled up FULL of people. I have actually never seen or been on a train this packed before. So, unfortunately my achy body couldn’t sit and I couldn’t read my book.
When I was at about Toowong Station, I got a call from my Mum ‘I just heard on the radio that at Central they are checking EVERYONE’S paper tickets, so you should probably get off at Roma Street’ (I buy a single, student to for 1 zone, instead of daily, adult 2 zones). So anyway, I got off at Roma Street and had to hike with my hell heavy bag to work on Alice Street. When I got off the train and out of the barriers, I stopped so I could put some of the stuff in my hands, in my overnight bag. As I bent down to do this, I didn’t realise that my water bottle was open therefore I poured water all over myself, my phone and the inside of my bag. Then when I came to work (running half an hour late) there was mess ALL OVER the office, despite the fact that on Friday I put up signs everywhere saying ‘clean up after yourselves’ and ‘put your dishes in the dishwasher’ which I then had to clean up.

I kind of thought that this morning’s happenings were so horrible and ridiculous that it was funny.
I almost feel like the world is testing me, because I have been ultra-happy in the past two weeks and it wants to see if it can get me back down. Well no sir-ee, I’m not going to let a packed train, a long walk, a soggy-suitcase and a messy office get me down! I think my mindset on things has slightly altered. Not enough to make me go skipping through clouds, but certainly enough for me to not stress so much about things that are miniscule is the grand scheme of life and things that are out of my control.
My horoscope also says ‘be open minded when it comes to something you can’t control’.

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