Who needs to keep their room clean anyway?

I just did a major room tidy!
I'm so proud of myself! Mess really was starting to build up more than I was noticing - things like cups of half drunk water, milk and tea.
Here are some photo's of some little presents I found whilst on my room-cleaning adventures.

(this photo's a pit washed out - the lighting in my room is beyond poor)

I don't even know how it got so bad - I'm a really clean person!! I am I swear!, it's just sickness that's been the mess creater
Just sickness?? really??
Yes! sickness I swear!
I don't believe you, I bet your mother will dissagree as well.
NO! Don't ask my mother!
Yes.. I'll ask your mother, she'll be sure to tell me the truth.
Okay, I give in.. it's not just sickness..


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