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I just went and saw Sex and the City with Chloe- it was really good! Not as good as the first, but still very enjoyable!
But more about yesterday..
Thanks to everyone who sent me a birthday message, they made me smile many smiles.
Last night Chloe, Jacob, my Nan, Holly (my brothers girlfriend) came over for Taco's which were scrumbtious - thanks Mum! - and a game of Cluedo - thanks Jerkface! - which was very fun.
I got many undeserved gifts including a much needed umberella from Nan.
Overall the day went swimmingly well and what was even better is that I had the day off today due to more sickness.

My computer is going crazy, so that's all from me - have a great night!

This is also the greatest song, by another man who is on my 'list of men to marry oneday'

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