Prepare for the worlds longest post

I'm home again today.. so I thought instead of spending all day infront of the television, why not make some use of it?
So.. I took some photo's of some of the things I've been meaning to post for a long, long time - for example, some of my not-so-new purchases, as well as other bits and pieces.
I'm home alone tonight, so I might do some more then if I feel like it.. which is unlikely.

Here's the first edition! Enjoy!!

Paper cranes I made

Noemi Klein Skull-Rose ring - from VG - http://www.violentgreen.com.au/

Stubbs and Wootton Shoes - from ebay

A cupcake I drew

My birthday Pyjamas

My creepers I bought a longish time ago, but haven't got round to posting.

I'll post my new clothes :D at a later date - but I fear someone will need to fill them before I can photograph them, because they never look as good on the hanger.

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