Local boy receives harmonica

This here is a bit of a combination post..

Subject 1: I was just watching the Christmas special of Phineas and Ferb that I started yesterday afternoon and I was a-thinkin' fuck this show is amazing. They have so many adult referances, as well as referances from previous episodes, as well as just generally being outstandingly amazing.
These two kids (and their friends, but them in particualar) are seriously the two coolest characters ever to exist.
Ferb doesn't really talk, and they asked what he wanted for Christmas, and he pulled out a newspaper that said world peace, and then his friends said 'world peace?' and he said 'No' and pointed to the bottom article that said 'local boy receives harmonica' and it has a picture of him playing it..
All in all.. a GREAT Christmas.

Subject 2: This subject matter is deffinatly a bit on the creepy side.
I am a follower of what is in my mind the most amazing blog.. and I thought I needed to share said blog with my readers, to let everyone else see how amazing it is.
The girl who own's it is a friend of a friend of mine, and seriously, everything she has to say just sets my mind ticking, and thinking and makes me reach all kinds of appiffanies (hey spelling).

I think what makes this as creepy as I said before, is that I have never met this girl, she has no idea who I am (I'm like the guy who sits behind you in maths and thinks of how lovely it would be to stroke your hair), and whilst I know I would appreciate some blog-love every once in a while, I hope - should she ever read this - she doesn't notice that I'm a flaming lesbian who sits outside her window, but mearly a reader and admirer of her blog.
She has such a way with words.

Check it out, you shant be dissapointed - http://www.distractionblogg.blogspot.com/

Subject 3: We haven't seen this fellow in a while - sorry dewdskies, but you knew it was coming

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